“I Am Thankful for Having Teamed with SSS”

“I first connected with Ed McDaid and South Shore Staffing in the summer of 2005, before my final year of full-time undergraduate studies. He set me up in a temporary accounting role at a stable company in the South Shore, just one town away. When I decided to pursue full-time graduate studies immediately after the completion of my bachelor’s degree, my schedule still could not accommodate a full-time job. With a strong rapport in place, Ed was able to place me back at the same company for the second consecutive summer, this time with added responsibilities. The experience I gained was exactly what I needed for my career development. It allowed me to successfully compete in the job market during my graduate studies.

While finishing my master’s degree in 2008, Ed found a great opportunity for me, a full-time financial analyst role at a young, growing company nearby in the South Shore. Ed knew I wanted to work for a smaller firm where I could make major contributions immediately and grow with the company. The opportunity was tailor made. The company is expanding and I’m very glad to make it a part of my long-term plans.

My story may be common for a young, working professional, but what is not, is the work of Ed McDaid and South Shore Staffing. Regardless of how many college degrees I had earned at the time, Ed always treated me with the same level of respect, whether I was seeking temporary employment or looking to establish a career. He always kept in touch to see how I was doing, even at times when I wasn’t in the job market. Another distinguishable trait is the strength of his relationships. Even at a time when our economy is in a recession, he was still able to place me at exactly the position I sought. Every day I come home from a gratifying day’s work is a day I am thankful for having teamed with Ed and South Shore Staffing. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend them to candidates and employers alike.”

Darren Stineman
Financial Analyst,
Next Generation Vending and Food Service, Inc.
Stoughton, MA

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