“Now I Am Closer to Home”

“Both my wife and I worked in Boston, traveling by commuter rail which added up to 3 hours everyday. Soon after we had our first baby, we realized that all that time spent at work and traveling was less family time together. I reached out to different agencies to find jobs closer, but felt that I was getting the runaround from most recruiters. As frustrating as the job search was, I reached out to South Shore Staffing for any possible openings. I met Ed a few years ago and was willing to try his company for my search. His group was great! He worked with me on the job search and found a job and company I enjoy.

Now I am closer to home, spending more time with my family and no longer stress about Boston traffic, late trains or train schedules. Thanks for all your help Ed! It is very appreciated!!”

Tim Beale
Accounting Analyst
Sentient Flight Group