The Ed McDaid Memorial Fund

The McDaid family would like to thank all the generous people who donated to the Ed McDaid Memorial Fund over the past six months. Ed played in the Canton Little League for many years growing up and it was one of his favorite organizations to support. As a result of everyone’s generosity, the donation to Canton Little League will be in the amount of $3,180.24.

Linda McDaid presented the check to Louis Tarmy, President of Canton Little League, on Thursday December 26th. According to Lou, the money will go to improve playing fields throughout Canton.

Special thanks to the committee who organized the fund and dedicated a bench and tree in Ed’s memory at the Forge Pond Condominium Complex in Canton. The committee was made up of the following Forge Pond residents: Harold Drake, Dan Magni, Peg Dooley, Mary Martino, Paula Barry, and Bob Burr.Edlittleleaguedonation