Announcing our Employee of the Year

We are thrilled to nominate Kathy Mitchell, of Taunton, as our Employee of the Year. Kathy has been working part-time for a clinical research consulting firm and finished last month, four days shy of her four year anniversary.

When initially meeting with us, Kathy had made the choice to scale back her career into something part-time with flexibility. She wanted the ability to remain in the workforce and positively contribute but on different terms than before in her career.

Over the past four years, Kathy has stood out as a temporary employee. She overcame personal struggles with grace, flexibility and reliability. Throughout it all, Kathy was a steadfast and exemplary employee, making the choice to show up even on the most difficult days and excelling at her job all while appreciating and utilizing the flexibility she had in her position. She continued to receive glowing feedback from her manager on a consistent basis.

Since recently relocating, Kathy made the extremely difficult choice of leaving her role for something closer to home. We’re now eager to find her something new and we know anyone would be lucky to have her.

We will honor Kathy at the annual Massachusetts Staffing Association’s Employee of the Year Dinner next week. Stay tuned for a recap of the evening!