Employee of the Month: October 2014

This month we are congratulating Laurie Kennedy, of Hull, who has been named as South Shore Staffing’s Employee of the Month for October 2014.

Laurie initially met with us last October and was very open in her job search requirements. Her main goal was to return to the workforce after a lay off and being out of work for a few years. We quickly sent her out on two consecutive assignments and Laurie had no trouble re-acclimating back into the swing of things. In February of this year, we placed her as an Accounts Payable Coordinator with a client in Norwell. Throughout her assignment, her supervisors provided very positive feedback on her performance. We are happy to also announce Laurie as our newest SSS Success Story, as she was hired permanently with our client earlier this month.

We are grateful to have candidates like Laurie who are willing to try new things, prove themselves in a temporary capacity and eventually gain a permanent job. Congratulations, Laurie, and best of luck in your new position! Thank you!

EE of Month - Laurie Kennedy