A Look at Hiring Options in 2015

Do you plan on hiring this year?

It’s hard to believe we are already two months into 2015 and only a few short weeks away from Spring. After the snow we’ve had this season, the spring melt can’t come fast enough. The good news carries on as the economy continues to pick up and show signs of continuing the momentum in a positive direction.

As you move forward with your business this year, you’re most likely looking at hiring plans. With ACA, FMLA and paid sick leave you’ll want to carefully determine the best approach for your business. We know hiring needs vary. There may be seasonal influences that drive hiring or as your business picks up, perhaps you’re hesitant to hire even though you need to because you’re not 100% convinced the trend will continue.

Hiring is one of the most significant things a company does. Getting the right person in key roles is critical and the cost of a bad hire can be upwards of $50K. Not to mention the effect a bad hire can have on the organization’s moral. The links below examine the costs of a bad hire and while the numbers may vary somewhat from site to site, we can all agree that this is a cost an employer wants to avoid.



So what should you do?

Let us help determine what might be the best option for your company. Maybe it’s a temporary solution to bridge a gap or help with special projects. If you’re ready to move right away, a direct hire scenario could be a great option. We offer a 180 day guarantee on all direct hire placements, thus reducing the risk of losing your investment. Then there’s the temp-to-hire route where you can ensure a good fit before committing someone to your payroll. This option results in not only seeing someone in action but also guarantees a good cultural match before making a long-term investment in personnel.

When we understand the requirements of the position you need to fill, the company culture and your timeline, we can provide you with great people. We pre-screen, interview, reference check and evaluate the skills of each of our employees. Software tests are administered and determined by each candidate’s backgrounds and skill sets.

We know firsthand that the job market has tightened over the past few years and you want to be ready to find the right person as quickly as possible. A direct result of the increase in hiring is a shortened timespan that great candidates are available and on the market. We want to help you increase your speed to hire without sacrificing quality and it’s our job to use our strong pool of candidates and resources to work together for the perfect fit.

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