Remembering Ed

A note from Linda McDaid, President of South Shore Staffing:

We take the time today to remember the Founder of South Shore Staffing, Ed McDaid. Ed left us unexpectedly two years ago and we miss him dearly. His smile, the twinkle in his eyes, Edbad jokes, kind words, big heart and of course his steadfast support of all Boston sports teams are in our thoughts today!

Ed looked to my dad as an inspiration for starting your own business and having a big impact on your local community. He took that to heart and I remember how excited he was when he rented his first office space in Canton, he was like a little kid on a sugar rush! With a lot of hard work and determination, he grew his business year over year. He began to hire more staff and moved to a larger office, where we currently operate today (of course in Canton – we joked he was a true townie… Ed was the only one of the four kids born in the house in Canton).

Ed’s focus was to provide jobs for local people in local businesses. For the past two years, I have been at the helm of the business my brother was very passionate about. The continued focus on the local aspect of the business and the loyalty he engendered is what helped us survive and thrive over the past two years. I have learned a lot about small business (coming from a Fortune 100 company, I really did not have a true appreciation for what my brother Ed had achieved… I certainly do now!). Having community support along with loyal employees and clients, has allowed us to continue placing people in the right positions. My brother worked hard to make sure that South Shore Staffing had a stellar reputation and operated without question in the most ethical manner, and we continue to pride ourselves on this. We maintain his tradition of giving back to the community through local programs and organizations. There are many times in the office where we say “WWED?” Translation: What Would Ed Do? After a little discussion and input, we believe that his guidance is with us every day.

I want to thank the people and businesses who have supported and continue to support South Shore Staffing, the hard working employees who continue to do a great job and the community which has helped us heal.

In Ed’s spirit, please enjoy the weekend, whether it be watching the Sox play, golfing or just visiting with friends and family. While we miss him immensely, we know he is with us in spirit (and I know he was watching the Pats win the Super Bowl!!).

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