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At South Shore Staffing, we believe in the notion that “good people know good people.” Recently we’ve made some exciting changes to our Referral Bonus Program so we can reward people even more for multiple referrals. Here’s how:

1. Direct Hire Placements – Refer a friend who is placed directly into a client of South Shore Staffing and who stays in the job beyond 90 days and receive:

1st Referral – $500.00*

2nd Referral – $750.00*

3rd Referral – $1,000.00*

2. Temporary Placements – Refer a friend who works through South Shore Staffing as a temporary employee for 200+ hours and receive:

1st Referral – $250.00*

2nd Referral – $300.00*

3rd Referral – $400.00*

Over the years we have paid numerous referral bonus fees and would love to continue the tradition. If you know anyone looking for work in administrative or accounting, send them our way and you could make money!

*Please note: Incremental pay-outs are for a 12 month period only.


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