Our 2015 Employee of the Year

South Shore Staffing is very happy to announce Kate Fitzpatrick, of Canton, as our Employee of the Year! You may know Kate already if you’ve visited or called our office over the past year as she’s not only been a temporary employee in the field, but also works internally here on a part-time basis.

Kate initially registered with South Shore Staffing after relocating and looking for a change. We placed her in a temporary position with one of our largesKateFitzpatrickt clients where she consistently received terrific feedback. As that role started to wind down, we found ourselves in need of a bookkeeper internally at South Shore Staffing. We hired Kate on a temporary, part-time basis with hours that would work in conjunction with her other temporary role. After a few months of working both positions concurrently, SSS decided to keep Kate for the long-term in this part-time job with input from our client who also wanted to hire her on a permanent, part-time basis. This resulted in what some call a job share…with a twist! Instead of two people sharing one job, two companies are sharing one terrific employee!

Kate likes the diversity and challenges of the two positions and she has regularly received glowing recommendations from both. Her flexible attitude towards the variety of her job duties and schedules at both companies along with her dedication and professionalism makes her a true staffing all-star and someone we are thrilled to have on our team and nominate as our Staffing Employee of the Year!

We will honor Kate at the annual Massachusetts Staffing Association’s Employee of the Year Dinner tomorrow night. Stay tuned for a recap of the evening!