Dear Recent College Graduates,

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It is with great admiration that we at South Shore Staffing recognize your hard work and congratulate you on completing your studies and achieving your degree! College degree holders make on average, $1,000,000 more over their lifetimes than a high school diploma carrying professional so we commend you for making the investment in your future.… READ MORE

A New Way to Approach Problem Solving

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Problem Solving, whether in our personal or professional lives is never an easy process. With each problem we face comes a variety of emotions. Some good, some not so great, but regardless of the emotions, the problems will always be there until we face them head-on.  One of the more common and effective forms of… READ MORE

Interview Tips from the Pro’s

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South Shore Staffing was founded in 2003 and since has been a leader amongst staffing agencies south of Boston. With 15+ years’ experience in staffing and recruiting, we’ve seen a thing or two in interviews. If you’re currently in or about to embark on a new job search, allow us to highlight a few of… READ MORE

Remembering Ed McDaid

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A note from current SSS President, Linda McDaid: Today we take the time to remember the Founder of South Shore Staffing, Ed McDaid. It has been three years since Ed left us unexpectedly. We miss his bright smile, good nature, jokes and genuine compassion and concern for others. I believe it was this compassion and… READ MORE