Announcing Our Employee of the Year

A very special congratulations goes out to Marlana Toon, of Halifax, who has been named as our Employee of the Year! We have been working with Marlana since 2013 shortly after she was laid off from her position with a large south of Boston company. At that time, she was very open to any and all positions – her main concern was returning to work as soon as possible. Marlana is a shining example of how temporary employment is a bridge from one opportunity to another, and how it’s also a way to allow for flexibility in life (and career!) along with allowing for exposure to different jobs.


Over the past three years, Marlana has successfully completed two long-term temporary assignments in industries where she had no prior experience. She learned the legal field and excelled in her role supporting the Operations Manager of a large firm. She then easily assimilated into a manufacturing company supporting the Controller in a completely different role. The feedback on Marlana from our clients has always been fantastic: good attitude, work ethic and energy. While the flexibility of temporary work is appealing to Marlana, she enjoys the temporary work as a way to learn new industries and add to her impressive skillset. As she works these positions, she continues looking for the right role that may ultimately lead to a permanent job that’s close to home. She likes the freedom to explore various industries that temporary work gives her in life as she determines what her next career move will be. Marlana is a stellar candidate and we couldn’t be happier to nominate her!

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