Announcing Our Employee of the Year

We are thrilled to announce Jan Melley, of Easton, as South Shore Staffing’s Employee of the Year! We met Jan back in 2015 shortly after she had been laid off from a large company after 17 years. Jan always has a positive attitude and after such a long tenure with one company, she was very open and flexible to any new opportunities. For a few weeks we sent Jan to several of our clients, she was so open-minded and interested in trying new things but nothing seemed to be quite a fit until we found her current role at a local oil company on the south shore, the same one that actually provides Jan her home heating oil!

Jan on the right, alongside her co-worker Erin Snell and Tank, the office mascot!

Jan met with our client in November of 2015 and it’s been a match made in heaven ever since! Her hours increase and decrease seasonally and Jan is always so flexible and understanding to the circumstance. Her choice to stay on as a long-term temporary employee displays her dedication and how much of a great fit this position, company and situation is for her. Some of the feedback we’ve received on Jan has been that “she’s the best, we could not ask for a better person”, “can you clone Jan?” and “we can’t say enough good things about her!” Recognizing her hard work and dedication She was also named our Employee of the Month in February of 2016.

Not only does Jan’s flexibility with her schedule and her choice to stay on long-term as a temporary employee make her a great nominee, but she’s also trained and picked up a new industry and job with such ease.

Thank you for everything Jan, we are very proud to nominate you as our Staffing Employee of the Year 2017!