Employee of the Month: March 2018



We’d like you to meet Janice O’Brien, of Abington, who was an easy decision for our March Employee of the Month! In the short two and a half years we’ve known her, Janice has worked 16 assignments for us, requested back numerous times by one of our clients.

In 2015 Janice decided she was ready to return to the workforce after taking some time off to tend to family issues. She had a varied background which we realized would help her assimilate into new roles quickly, even if she had been out of the game for awhile.

Janice is always ready to jump in and help out when our clients have a need. She is professional, dependable and receives excellent feedback from her managers. After her most recent position finished up, her former supervisor reached out with strong accolades on her behalf, even offering to be a reference if she needed it.

We are so grateful to all that Janice has done for us over the last few years and look forward to continuing our working relationship with her moving forward. She is a terrific candidate and we’re very excited to find her next opportunity very soon! Thank you, Janice, and congratulations!