Dear Recent College Graduates,

It is with great admiration that we at South Shore Staffing recognize your hard work and congratulate you on completing your studies and achieving your degree! College degree holders make on average, $1,000,000 more over their lifetimes than a high school diploma carrying professional so we commend you for making the investment in your future.


We’d also like to take a moment to explain how we can help you on your path to success. We know the first steps on finding a career path can be overwhelming and with an ever-changing job market and untold amounts of available positions, it’s tough to find a starting point.

That’s where we come in. As the premiere staffing agency south of Boston, we specialize in placing professionals in a variety of administrative and accounting positions with excellent companies on the South Shore and have been doing so since 2003. Our positions range from entry-level to managerial in a wide variety of industries and company sizes so we have something for everyone.

Over the years we’ve been able to help countless college graduates find entry-level positions across the South Shore. They were able to use our services as a test drive for their careers by being open-minded to temporary work which will not only teach new skills, learn new software and allow you to meet local professionals (networking!), but will grow your resume even if you have no prior experience. We have the resources to open doors that you never knew existed because we have the contacts in these great, local companies and you won’t be sending your resume into the dreaded “black hole” of the internet.

And there’s more! Not only are our services FREE, you’ll gain valuable interviewing experience, grow your network and hopefully GET A JOB out of it! So really, there’s nothing to lose! We would love to speak with you further about your job search and how we can be a valuable resource for you as a way to jump start your career, or even try out a few jobs to see what you may or may not be interested in.

Congratulations again, and best of luck!


South Shore Staffing