Employee of the Month: April 2019

We are pleased to announce Cory Gibbons, of Whitman, as our Employee of the Month for April! Cory originally registered with us in early 2018. He was looking to leverage the Bachelor’s degree in Accounting which he earned from the University of North Carolina a few years prior. After graduating, Cory spent a few seasons landscaping and had hoped to land something in Accounting before the 2018 landscaping season got underway. Unfortunately we couldn’t place Cory in time and before we knew it, he was flat-out working straight through spring, summer and fall.


When the season wrapped up, Cory reached out again for assistance and by January, when a great temp-to-hire accounting role came in, Cory was ready to go.

A quick turnaround led to a start at Mohawk Rubber Sales in late January and we consistently received great feedback from his supervisor since. Cory was such a great fit there that he was offered and accepted a permanent position with the company and started as an official Mohawk Rubber Sales employee in early May.

Cory has been a great representative of South Shore Staffing, demonstrating how positive opportunities can be created when great candidates are given the chance to show clients what they are capable of. We’d like to thank and congratulate Cory and wish him the best of luck in his accounting career!