Employee of the Month: January 2020

Our January 2020 Employee of the Month is Susan Marks, of Canton – congratulations Susan!

Since April of 2019, Susan has been a stellar employee of South Shore Staffing working for our client, Needham Electric Supply. For the entirety of her assignment, Susan has not only been a great

communicator with SSS but also with her supervisors on-site. She is very responsive and pleasant and continuously receives great feedback from both of her supervisors who not only said “she gets along with everyone” but also that they are “so glad [they] got her.”

Because Needham Electric Supply has been deemed an “essential business” during these trying COVID-19 times, Susan has been diligently reporting into work and continuing to do a great job under the circumstances.

We are hopeful that soon Susan will be hired as a permanent employee and we know our client is eager to bring her on board.

Thank you, Susan, for everything you do! We appreciate your strong work ethic and professionalism so much and are very happy to name you as our first Employee of the Month for 2020! Congratulations again!

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