Welcome back to South Shore Staffing's Business Development Specialist Kim DeVito

South Shore Staffing welcomes back Kim DeVito as Business Development Specialist

We are so pleased to welcome back Kim DeVito to our South Shore Staffing team to head up business development.  Since rejoining us last month, Kim has been reaching out to our clients to find out what specific business challenges they are facing, and how South Shore Staffing can help them through this uniquely challenging situation.

After talking to over a dozen companies in just her first weeks back, Kim shares with us her thoughts about the impact COVID-19 continues to have on businesses in our region.


Though COVID-19 has been extremely challenging to businesses in hard-hit Southeastern Massachusetts, companies have adapted to these unforeseen circumstances as best as they can. Employees have adjusted well to working at home and, while some of them cannot wait to get back into the office, others are open to continuing at-home work, at least partially, for now.

Some companies have had to scale back and are operating in “survival mode” since the virus disrupted our regions. However, we are finding that many companies are hiring; though, with all the new regulations surrounding reopening offices and preparing a safe workspace, many business owners and hiring managers are eager for help in finding high-quality candidates. This is where South Shore Staffing has been able to step in, by helping to promote job openings and by prescreening the best professionals, saving companies countless hours spent recruiting. Even in this challenging business climate, we had three new jobs to work on after just a few phone calls!

Looking ahead, business owners are concerned about future shutdowns and how this may affect both their valued employees as well as their bottom line. Budgeting is being looked at very seriously to ensure that companies will be able to weather another disruption in the near future should COVID-19 cases start to rise in our region again. We will be ready to offer support to companies throughout the pandemic and long after things have returned to a new normal.


Have staffing needs or just want to welcome Kim back to the South Shore Staffing family? She can be reached at kimdevito@southshorestaffing.com.