“Temp-to-hire gives us a trial period to assess new employees”: South Shore Staffing Client Testimonial

Wish you could “try out” an employee before handing over an offer letter? South Shore Staffing’s temp-to-hire option gives you the ability to ensure your new employee is exactly the right fit for the role and for your company. 


I have had the pleasure of working with South Shore Staffing for the past two years, however my company has worked with them for many more years.  We use South Shore Staffing not only because they are local, but because they are successful, and they make the process so easy. 

We typically use South Shore Staffing for temp-to-hire employees because this gives us a “trial” period to assess the new employee and determine if they are a good fit for the company. We prefer South Shore Staffing because they are very responsive, easy to work with, and they are local which is extremely convenient.  And we love the idea of hiring local people for local companies; not only is this great for the area communities, but we have had negative experiences in the past hiring people that had too long a commute.

I also love working with South Shore Staffing because I have had a certain comfort level from the moment I started working with them, specifically (Senior Staffing Specialist) Natalie Chandler. This really makes for a very pleasant working experience throughout the entire process.

Karen I.

Inside Sales & Customer Service Manager

Canton, MA


Contact South Shore Staffing for more information about temp-for-hire options or to request an employee for your business.


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