Why you should send a thank you card after a job interview

5 reasons to send a thank you note after an interview

Did you know that almost 60% of job applicants do not send a thank you note after an interview, according to a study by CareerBuilder? That means that you have the opportunity to stand out for all the right reasons, just by sending a short email of thanks to your interviewer!

Even the briefest acknowledgement of appreciation conveys so much more than you may think, especially if you are meeting with a recruiter at a staffing agency. Why? Well, an interview with a staffing agency is a little different than other job interviews you may have gone on before. Our interviews tend to be more of a conversation so we can get to know you, your work history, and your job search requirements before we potentially send you out to meet with our clients.

Some job seekers still take these interviews very seriously, just like they would an interview with a client, while others seem to feel these aren’t “real” interviews. But make no mistake: These are still very important interviews and should be treated as such which is why you should always email a note of thanks after any interview, even if it is with a recruiter.

Need more convincing? Here are five reasons to send a thank you note after an interview:

1. It shows common courtesy. One of the main reasons to send a thank you note is to show appreciation for your interviewer’s time which is always valuable. Sometimes a staffing agency may not have an immediate job opening for you but expressing your gratitude for the time you spend learning about their company and how they operate will undoubtedly open up doors for you down the road.

2. It displays your communication skills. During an interview, like any conversation, you are verbally communicating with your interviewer. In a follow-up email, you get to demonstrate that your written communication skills are strong as well. Recruiters like to see a considerate thank-you note because it gives us a good indication of how you will respond to colleagues, customers, and vendors when you are placed with one of our clients.

And make sure you also show off your attention to detail by either jotting down the names and titles of everyone you meet with or checking the company webpage for that information afterwards.

3. It shows you’re actually interested in the opportunity. After hearing more about a staffing agency like South Shore Staffing, a thank you email lets us know that you are indeed interested in working with us. If you are meeting directly with a hiring manager, pulling out a couple key things that makes their company stand out in your mind is also a nice way to show that you have strong interest in the company.

4. It prompts hiring managers to follow up with you and discuss next steps. Hiring managers often need to choose between several candidates for an open position. A thoughtful thank you email can set you apart from the pack and help solidify the chances of receiving an offer. Conversely, if a hiring manager does not think you are the right fit for the position, they may be more likely to follow up with feedback if the lines of communication are already open.

5. It gives you another opportunity to clarify a statement or experience. If your interview is cut short, or if nerves got the best of you and you wished you had said something differently in your interview, a follow-up note provides an easy way to get this information across.

Above all, remember that it is better to send out a short note of thanks within 24 hours of an interview than to take a week trying to write the “perfect” letter. Not only will the information you discussed be fresh in your mind, but it will be fresh in the mind of the interviewer as well. And staying top-of-mind with recruiters and hiring managers is key if you want to be the first one called back or the first one considered for a new job opportunity.

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