Working together with South Shore Staffing

“We have worked with South Shore Staffing for the last 8 years. I would definitely recommend them!”: South Shore Staffing Client Testimonial

Serving the South Shore since 2004, our experience will help you find the right employees at any point in your hiring process.


We have worked with South Shore Staffing for the last eight years. When we first started together, we used their services to secure temporary help for our busy seasons and special events. Since South Shore Staffing is local to our office and focuses on this region, we knew they would have a good number of candidates who would be interested in a temporary position.

As we grew through the years, we turned to South Shore Staffing to help us find a more permanent, part-time employee. South Shore Staffing worked with us to develop the job description, listened to what we needed in a candidate, and then screened resumes from potential candidates. They then set up in-person interviews for us from the most qualified applicants.

We have been so happy with the candidates they have found over the years. I think their results are so good because they listen to what we need, then suggest the appropriate candidates. They also always follow up and check in for feedback–not only on the work being done, but the individual they are representing. I would definitely recommend them to other hiring managers!


Lisa L.

Director of Program and Events

Stoughton, MA



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