South Shore Staffing's 2019 Employee of the Year: Lorraine Palm

Remembering our Employees of the Year from 2009-2019

As a staffing agency, we would be nothing without our employees: The people who come to us to help them find employment and the people who represent South Shore Staffing on-site with our clients. And so every year since 2009, in addition to naming an Employee of the Month,  we nominate one special person as our Employee of the Year during the American Staffing Association’s National Staffing Employee Week. This decision isn’t made lightly and is based on who we feel demonstrates excellence and embodies the promise of staffing.

Typically our nominees join us at a special dinner hosted by the Massachusetts Staffing Association where staffing stories are shared, dinner is served, and we are able to celebrate our employee and their dedication to the fullest. Though the pandemic has cancelled an in-person celebration, it isn’t stopping us from naming our 2020 Employee of the Year or celebrating all who have come before them. Stay tuned later this week for the announcement!

ASA National Staffing Employer Week 2020

But before we announce our 2020 pick, let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit our former #StaffingStars who were named as SSS’s Employee of the Year:

Bill Shea: 2009’s Employee of the Year–

Bill Shea: 2009's Employee of the Year


Frank Vallier: 2010’s Employee of the Year–

Frank Vallier: 2010's Employee of the Year


Bonnie Seifried-Myers: 2012’s Employee of the Year–

Bonnie Seifried-Myers: 2012's Employee of the Year


Marcia Taylor: 2013’s Employee of the Year–

Marcia Taylor: 2013's Employee of the Year


Kathy Mitchell: 2014’s Employee of the Year–

Kathy Mitchell: 2014's Employee of the Year


Kate Fitzpatrick: 2015’s Employee of the Year–

Kate Fitzpatrick: 2015's Employee of the Year


Marlana Toon: 2016’s Employee of the Year–

Marlana Toon: 2016's Employee of the Year


Jan Melley: 2017’s Employee of the Year–

Jan Melley: 2017's Employee of the Year


Janice O’Brien: 2018’s Employee of the Year–

Janice OBrien: 2018's Employee of the Year


Lorriane Palm: 2019’s Employee of the Year–

Lorraine Palm: 2019's Employee of the Year

To all of our employees past and present: thank you, thank you, thank you! You are truly among the very best people with whom we’ve been able to work, and we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without you!