Recent college graduates from class of 2020

How a staffing agency can help recent college graduates find a job

Covid-19 has thrown 2020’s college graduates for a loop. It’s caused them to reevaluate their future and, most likely, stalled exciting career plans dead in their tracks. High unemployment numbers mean more people are looking for work, while the ongoing pandemic makes job searching extra challenging. A recent article from Bloomberg paints a pretty dreary picture of the prospects for recent college graduates which can make it hard to look ahead to a brighter future.

But, we know that this will just make the Class of 2020 even more resilient and focused, hardworking and dedicated as any. It just may take more effort and maybe a little bit of help to land a job and get the ball rolling on your career.

A highly underrated (in our opinion!) and extremely helpful resource for recent grads are staffing agencies, like South Shore Staffing. We are always looking for great talent at every stage, from entry-level candidates to seasoned professionals. Since 2003, we have been the premiere staffing agency south of Boston, specializing in placing people in a variety of administrative, accounting, and engineering positions with excellent companies on the South Shore and throughout southeastern Massachusetts.

Have you considered talking to a staffing agency? If not, here are a few reasons you may want to give us a call:

1. We are often contacted to help companies fill temporary positions.  A temporary job will help build your resume, grow your network, teach you adaptability, and allow you to meet local professionals. It can give you valuable experience that other college grads may not have, setting you apart in future job searches.

2. Our focus on jobs near where you live allow you to do more with your free time than losing hours on a commute. Continue your studies with online courses or volunteer for an organization that is important to you in the hours you are not spending fighting traffic going to and from Boston.

3. Instead of trying to “cold call” companies or sending your resume off into a “black hole” online, we use our extensive network of contacts to open the doors to great local companies and find opportunities that aren’t published on job boards or company websites.

4. Meeting with us and with our clients will help sharpen your interview skills (including your virtual interview skills!). We can make suggestions to polish up your resume, and help you explore jobs you may have never considered before.

5. And, perhaps best of all, our services are 100% free! We pay you and our clients pay us for your services.

We would love to speak with you further about how we can be a valuable resource for your job search. Send us your resume and let’s see what we can do about getting your bright future back!