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Say what? 14 things we are saying in 2020 that wouldn’t make sense in 2019

The other day, as we were logging into our 10,000th Zoom meeting (give or take a few), we marveled at how many things have changed in our company in such a short time. We are conducting virtual interviews, encouraging our clients to be even more parent-friendly as schools go virtual, and cleaning the office every five minutes.

What would our 2019 selves think about how we’re acting, and what we’re saying, just a year later?

So, just for fun, we pulled together a list of 14 things we are saying at South Shore Staffing in 2020 that wouldn’t have made sense last year.

14 things we’re saying at South Shore Staffing in 2020 that wouldn’t make sense in 2019

1. Hello, welcome, to South Shore Staffing! Please sign in here and log the amount of time you spend inside our office. Also, please wear a mask, and stay behind the plexiglass at the front desk to protect yourself and our receptionist Miriam.

2. Did anyone wipe down all the high-touch surfaces yet? It’s closing time, and we need to complete the sanitizing safety checklist before we go!

3. I was going to go into the office today, but Steve and Linda are already there. I’ll go in tomorrow when it’s not so crowded.

4. My virtual interview with that new candidate didn’t go well this morning: He showed up wearing a pajama top and his dog barked the entire time!

5. Have you seen the Covid numbers in the South Shore? So many communities are red! We will be quarantining in no time again!

6. I’d stop at Costco this weekend for more printer ink, but I don’t feel comfortable social distancing there. I’ll try to go on Tuesday morning or just order online.

7. Will this position be remote or virtual, or will you need the candidate to report into the office?

8. Can you Zoom at 11 on Tuesday? I can send you a meeting code later today.

9. Natalie is running late for our outdoor sales meeting; she forgot her mask and had to go home to grab it.

10. Yes, the hiring company has extreme Covid precautions in place: temperatures are taken and masks are mandatory everywhere but your desk. Are you comfortable reporting into an office?

11. Here are the packages from FedEx. I’ve already wiped them down. Free masks included with the order? Jackpot!!

12. On a sign: Please do not take home any of the office’s toilet paper or Clorox Wipes! We know they are in hot demand, but we need them for our office.

13. I need to stop at the store after work to get more hand sanitizer. . .again.

14. Sorry, I can barely hear you back here. The doors and windows are open and this air purifier is very loud! But, brrrrr, it’s 40 degrees outside!

Do any of these sound familiar? What are you saying in 2020 that your 2019 self wouldn’t understand? Feel free to include a comment below.

And stay safe and healthy!

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