South Shore Staffing presidents: Lisa Corrigan and Linda McDaid

Our special reason for celebrating International Women’s Day at South Shore Staffing

According to a recent statistic in an American Staffing Association report, less than two in 10 staffing executives in the United States are women, a number that sounds shockingly low in the year 2021. It sounds especially low to us since two of the three presidents of South Shore Staffing have been women a fact that we would like to celebrate on today’s International Women’s Day.

Begun way back in 1911, International Women’s Day acknowledges women’s achievement and looks for areas to make the world more equal for all women. But unlike the era in which it was started when women were fighting for the right to vote, women today are often fighting for equality in the workplace in the form of both higher wages and more senior job titles.

At South Shore Staffing, our senior management includes current President Lisa Corrigan, immediate past President and current Senior Recruiter Linda McDaid, and Director of Staffing Natalie Chandler. Along with the rest of the staff, they work hard to place job seekers in the best roles for them based on their experience and skills, not their gender. However, we find that many women come to us for staffing assistance and find that our personalized approach and understanding of their career goals gets them the results they want.

Our employees tell us that they appreciate that we can help find employment for people who are looking for less than 40-hour work weeks or who would prefer temporary roles so that they can balance work and childcare with their partner. We also work with many women who want to return to a career after taking a break to raise kids or nurse an aging parent.

We know that the key to keeping smart and dedicated women in the workforce is to make sure we don’t lose them in the first place. We work hard to negotiate their compensation, offer them flexibility if needed, and celebrate all the ways women bring a unique perspective to the workplace. . .every day of the year.


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