Refer a friend for a job and earn a bonus

How our Referral Bonus Program can work for you

Did you know you can earn anywhere from $250-$1,000 just for referring your friends for jobs at South Shore Staffing? Take a look at our jobs board and think about the people you know who might be good for any of our open positions. Send those jobs to them to consider, encourage them to apply. . .and you could be the one taking home a bonus check!

How the Referral Bonus Program works

We created our Referral Bonus Program to reward people for sending great job seekers our way. And over the years, we’ve met so many quality professionals who may not have heard of a particular job if it hadn’t been for that referral.

But, how does the program work?

The most important thing to remember is to let us know of the referral at the very start of our conversations. If you’re applying to a job that someone shared with you, please let us know the name of the referring person when you submit your initial resume. And if you want to share a candidate name with us, make sure you tell us that you are the referring person when you submit the information.

Then, sit back and wait! If your referral is hired, you’ll receive payment from us after they’ve completed a minimum number of days or hours. Depending on the type of job, there are two payment structures.

Payment Schedule

1. Direct Hire Placements – Refer a friend who is placed directly into a client of South Shore Staffing and who stays in the job beyond 90 days and receive:

1st Referral – $500.00*

2nd Referral – $750.00*

3rd Referral – $1,000.00*

2. Temporary Placements – Refer a friend who works through South Shore Staffing as a temporary employee for 200+ hours and receive:

1st Referral – $250.00*

2nd Referral – $300.00*

3rd Referral – $400.00*

*Please note: Incremental pay-outs are for a 12 month period only.

Over our 17+ years in staffing, we have paid numerous referral bonus fees and would love to continue the tradition. If you know anyone looking for work in administrative, accounting, or engineering, send them our way, and you could be the one earning a bonus!

Visit our jobs board to see if you might have a friend to refer!


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