South Shore Staffing Games in office

How to view the first-ever South Shore Staffing Games

We hear there’s something big and important happening in Tokyo over the next two weeks, but there will also be some games worth watching right here in Canton: The first-ever South Shore Staffing Games kicks off today with our torch lighting ceremony; individual events will begin on Monday.

South Shore Staffing Games torch

While we will not be airing these events live (I mean, we do have a business to run), we will be putting snippets of the action up on our Facebook and Instagram pages, so please follow both of them for all of our updates.

Will Steve beat Lisa in our putting game? Will Natalie freeze up in our unique “timed typing” challenge? Will our newest employees, David and Caroline, put us all to shame and win it all? And will Christina make it past 10 seconds in the balance game?

We work hard for you, so it makes sense that we play hard too! We hope you enjoy following along but don’t worry about interrupting us with a question about a job opening or placement.

Want to know more about working with the champions at South Shore Staffing? Give us a call at 781-575-0500.