Two women talk about temporary jobs at work

Why saying “no temp jobs” may be hurting your job search

“No temp jobs, please.” We hear this fairly often when talking to new candidates who say they want job security, not a job that may end after a few weeks or months. While we fully understand the reasoning behind this, we also know that a “temp job” isn’t the dead end that they fear as we outlined in our post, When you should consider a temporary bridge job.

And with a predicted 19% increase in the demand for temporary workers in Q3 of this year, now is a great time to reconsider a temp role in your job search.

But don’t take our word for it alone. We spoke to some of our co-workers and friends who have said yes to a temp job and watched it become a permanent job. Because while, yes, sometimes a temp job is indeed temporary, many times companies will jump through hoops to try to keep a trained, competent, and well-liked employee. And even if they can’t hang on to you past the contract period, you’ll be a better job seeker for your experience.

Keep reading for recent comments about temp work from people we know who don’t think of these jobs as “only temporary”.

“After sending my resume in as a general applicant, South Shore Staffing offered me a temp position to help with recruiting during a very busy time. I spent six months working with the founder, Ed McDaid, to learn all I could about the staffing industry. In January of 2008, I was offered a full-time, perm position as a Staffing Specialist, and the rest is history!” –Natalie, South Shore Staffing’s Director of Staffing

“I was hired as a temp by South Shore Staffing to write blog posts and update the website during Covid. My assignment was supposed to last eight weeks, but 14 months later, I’m still here and so glad I accepted that temporary assignment! My start in temp work goes way back before my kids were born. I’d left an advertising agency with a 90-minute commute (each way!) to try to find something closer to home. That opportunity came to me as a short-term temp assignment in Providence. This “temp job” turned into six incredible and enriching years.” –Christina, South Shore Staffing Marketing Specialist

“I took a temp job at (a large Rhode Island bank) after college – and I am still here, more than 30 years later!” –Patricia, banking

“I took a temp position after college, during one of the most miserable job markets. This later turned into a temp to hire when an employee left, and I was at that company (a radio station) for four years. It was a great experience, and I don’t think I would have ever considered that industry without the temp opportunity.” –Karen, marketing

“Two of my best jobs I started as a temp! I was first hired as a receptionist (for a large financial service firm) and then moved to a permanent position in HR. I worked there for 4 years. Later, I took another temp job in HR for a major medical company and was then was hired into marketing. It’ll be 20 years in September!” –Trish, HR

“I think temp is great as you get to “date” first to see if you even like the job!” –Terry, advertising

“I started at (an international financial service firm) on a three-month contract. I’ve been there 18 years!” –Tina, finance

Our Employee of the Quarter, Tony has spoken out about all the reasons he loves temp work: “I have been associated with South Shore Staffing since approximately 2013.  South Shore Staffing has allowed me to have a flexible work schedule but still complete projects and meet monthly accounting deadlines without any duress on my part or any negative impact to the client. They have given me assignments that have a very short commute which has allowed me to help my wife with taking care of the grandkids. . .South Shore Staffing provides a very positive temporary work environment.” –Tony, accounting

And, a word from a client:

“No, I haven’t been a temp before, but I got some of my best employees that way!” -Jennifer, law practice

Our advice? If you see a job you think would be a good fit, give it a chance, even if it’s “only a temp”! Even if it does end up being just “temporary”, the experience, connections, and time working will do so much more for your career (and resume!) than waiting for the “ideal job” to arrive.