National Staffing Employee Week 2021

Thanking our employees with a coffee break for 2021’s National Staffing Employee Week

Every year, we celebrate National Staffing Employee Week, an annual event by the American Staffing Association which recognizes the contributions made by those employed by U.S. staffing firms. Here in the South Shore, we know how important our employees are to many local companies. These companies rely on us to help them recruit the best candidates for their open jobs, and our employees rise to the challenge.

In honor of 2021’s National Staffing Employee Week, we are sending a big thank you to our employees; we appreciate your hard work and dedication. And, as in previous years, we will be saying “thanks” to our current employees by sending a gift card for coffee, or tea, or a stack of donuts (we’d go for the donuts).Donuts! Photo by Annie Spratt for Unsplash

As we have known since our start in 2004, it’s our employees who enable us to succeed every year. Thank you to everyone who is currently working for South Shore Staffing or who has worked for us in any of the previous years. We truly could not do it without you.

If you would like to find out more about working for South Shore Staffing, please take a look at our jobs board to see if we have a spot for you. We get new jobs almost daily, so come back often!