South Shore Staffing 2021 Employee of the Year

South Shore Staffing’s 2021 Employee of the Year is a temp-to-hire success story

This past Friday during National Employee Staffing Week, South Shore Staffing named Eduardo Guifarro our 2021 Employee of the Year.

Eduardo contacted South Shore Staffing in late September of 2020. As a recent graduate from Florida State University who had just moved to the South Shore, we downloaded his resume, conducted a screening interview, and got to work finding a job that would put his knowledge to the best use. It was his impressive experience as a computer and networking technician that helped us match him with our client, Electroswitch of Weymouth, for a Software and Technical Support Specialist position.

Fortunately for everyone involved, Eduardo was excited to meet with Electroswitch and open to interviewing for a temp-to-hire job which would allow for both employee and employer to have a sort of “trial period” to get to know each other. This trial period helps to insure that the placement is a good fit before converting to a permanent, full-time employee.

In Eduardo’s case, it was a great fit.

Six months after starting at Electroswith, the company approached us about converting Eduardo to a permanent Electroswitch employee, a change which was finalized in April of this year. Now, almost six months after that, Eduardo and Electroswitch are still very happy together.

Congratulations Eduardo! We are so happy we could help you find a great job in the region and are thrilled it has worked out so well for you.

You’ll find previous Employees of the Year in our archives.

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