Hello recent grad! Did you know our staffing agency can help you?

Congratulations on your college degree! Now that you have graduated; what are your plans for employment?  It can be quite taxing and scary to find a job in general let alone fresh out of college. Here is some fabulous news, we are here to help you!

If you’re not familiar with our company here is a little backstory. South Shore Staffing has been open since 2004, we’ve been the leading boutique-style, direct hire, and temporary staffing agency south of Boston. We specialize in placing our candidates in a variety of positions in, Accounting & Finance, Engineering, Administrative & Clerical.

I am sure you are wondering why you should consider using a staffing agency while you are on the job market. Below are some reasons that may steer you toward working with us to help you find a job:


It can be challenging perfecting your resume, especially after college. You may not know what is relevant to keep, and what should be added from your college years etc. When you work with a staffing agency, we can help perfect your resume. We call it “clean up” your resume. We’ll make suggestions so that it stands out to employers, helping you land that interview.


As you may or may not know interviews can be very nerve wracking. We’ll coach and prep you, sharing insights on the do’s and don’ts. Following your interview, we hear feedback from both you and the employer. Feedback from the employer can be extremely helpful for you as you journey through the interview process. Your feedback is just as helpful, you may decide you want to go in another direction with another role. If that’s the case, we can find you another company to interview with. The more interviewing experience you have the better you’ll become at it.


We all need more time in the day! You have enough to do besides filling out application after application. A staffing specialist will work with you and get to know what you’re looking for. When an opportunity comes in that we think would suit you we’ll call you immediately. If you’re interested, we’ll submit your resume to the employer. Once the employer receives your resume, he or she can request an interview. We’ll notify you and set up an interview with the company. Our staff will do all the legwork for you! The interview is your time to shine.


Staffing agencies have access to extensive databases full of potential employers. Many of these employers don’t post their openings publicly. We can broaden your job search using a wide range of companies in your area. We’ll discuss your commute preferences and target jobs in those particular areas. As an agency we get calls in for job orders daily from hiring managers. Keeping you several steps ahead of someone not using an agency.


After graduation you may not know exactly what you want to do or where to work. We have jobs that are temporary, temp-to-hire and permanent. Working a temp or temp-to-hire job allows you to get a feel for the job to see if it’s the right fit before committing to it. You may decide it is not right for you, take a break and try something else. This also helps you build your resume and gain more work experience.


You’ll never forget your first job out of college. It may not be the perfect fit, but you can use it as experience and a learning point. Our services are FREE for all job seekers, so why not try us out? What do you have to lose? You never know, it could be your dream job.


Hopefully this steers you in the direction to why you should use a staffing agency. We would love to speak with you and help you get moving in the direction of finding a job! Please give us a call today and we can get the ball rolling. -Thank you! -The team at South Shore Staffing (781) 575-0500