Christmas Tree in South Shore Staffing offices

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All of us at South Shore Staffing wish you a happy and healthy holiday! If you celebrate Christmas, may all your Amazon orders arrive in time, may your  kids fall asleep before Santa arrives, and may your two-hour Zoom call with family go smoothly. If you celebrate Kwanzaa, we wish you light, happiness, and peace… READ MORE

Holiday gifts for South Shore charities

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We are so fortunate to have several organizations in the South Shore that are doing so much to take care of our most vulnerable populations, especially at the holidays. And if you are looking for an organization to support, we hope you’ll consider donating even a small amount to the ones we’ve listed here which… READ MORE

Celebrating Christmas during Covid

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If there’s one holiday tradition that is sure to be different in 2020, it’s the annual office party. Whether your company normally throws a big evening bash, an intimate luncheon, or even a “bring the kids to meet Santa” afternoon, all of that is now on hold in the South Shore as companies try to… READ MORE

Crumpled 2020 image from Kelly Sikkema

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The other day, as we were logging into our 10,000th Zoom meeting (give or take a few), we marveled at how many things have changed in our company in such a short time. We are conducting virtual interviews, encouraging our clients to be even more parent-friendly as schools go virtual, and cleaning the office every… READ MORE