When you don’t get the job: Dealing with rejection

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Dealing with job rejection | Photo by Daniel Herron

It happens to the best of us: You apply for a job and have a terrific interview; maybe you even talk about salary and benefits. But, instead of a job offer, you are told that you are not the right fit for the position. Whether you’re a professional with decades of experience or a just-out-of-college,… READ MORE

Is your social media ruining your chances for a great job? Here are 7 ways to clean it up.

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Social Media Scrabble Tiles next to Facebook on cell phone

You’ve updated your resume to make it ATS friendly, spoken to a few people about providing references, and practiced your interviewing skills. One more thing you should do as you embark on a job search? Clean up your social media. You may think your personal social media pages are all fun and games, but the… READ MORE

4 surprising things staffing agencies notice when interviewing candidates

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Woman interviews for job at staffing agency

Congratulations! You have an interview with the recruiter at a staffing agency. You already know the basics: Arrive on time, dress neatly, and rehearse your “strengths and weaknesses” speech. But what else should you consider? At South Shore Staffing, we’ve conducted hundreds of interviews over our 16 years in business. So we’ve turned to our… READ MORE

Interview Tips from the Pro’s

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South Shore Staffing was founded in 2003 and since has been a leader amongst staffing agencies south of Boston. With 15+ years’ experience in staffing and recruiting, we’ve seen a thing or two in interviews. If you’re currently in or about to embark on a new job search, allow us to highlight a few of… READ MORE