Announcing our 1,500th Placement!

South Shore Staffing has recently achieved it’s 1,500th placement since opening doors 11 years ago. Linda McDaid, President of South Shore Staffing announced that Norwood resident Cam Luna has filled the firm’s 1,500th staffing placement with a permanent administrative position at The Fisher-Churchill Company in Dedham. Although Cam Luna went into Fisher-Churchill initially as a temporary employee, she transitioned into a permanent position within three months.

This was LNatalie Chandler, Cam Luna and Linda McDaiduna’s first temporary assignment with South Shore Staffing, one she said occurred within a few short weeks of registering with them. “When I met with Natalie Chandler (Senior Staffing Consultant with South Shore Staffing) I wasn’t sure what type of position I was looking for,” said Luna, who has a Master of Education and was an elementary school teacher for a decade. “I was interested in a career change and Natalie was so friendly and down-to-earth that she made the entire process a pleasure.” Luna, who is an active volunteer with Cradles to Crayons in Boston is pleased with the new direction her career is taking and extended kudos to Chandler and the team at South Shore Staffing for their assistance. “Everything from initial paperwork, to the interview to the final placement was professionally conducted,” she said. “I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.”

South Shore Staffing reached its 1,000th placement in 2012 so “reaching the 1,500th placement in 2015 is quite an achievement,” said McDaid. “Thanks to our great staff, client companies and people like Cam we’ve achieved a significant milestone in growth and we look forward to placing the next 1500 employees!”

Pictured here are Senior Staffing Consultant Natalie Chandler, Cam Luna and SSS President, Linda McDaid.