Remembering Ed McDaid

A note from Linda McDaid, President of South Shore Staffing:

May 2, 2017

Today we remember Ed, the Founder of South Shore Staffing. In the four years since Ed left us unexpectedly, both of his nephews have graduated from college (something he would be very proud of), the Red Sox and the Patriots won the World Series and the Super Bowl respectively (he would be ecstatic about this). We at South Shore Staffing have continued Ed’s vision of providing local companies and local people with jobs.

As I write this, I am thankful for all the community support, both the businesses and people that have helped South Shore Staffing continue to succeed and fulfill Ed’s mission of finding the right people for the right jobs. I spent last Friday night attending the Red Sox/Cubs game because my brother had a ticket package with his college buddies, they supported us and kept South Shore Staffing in their group. These things make a difference.

Ed is with us in spirit every day. I want to thank the employees for doing an outstanding job, the clients and candidates who support SSS with their continued business, his friends and the local community.

In his memory, take the time today to give someone a kind word (he was always full of those), have some fun (he loved a good joke) and appreciate those who are here with you today. Enjoy the day as we remember that life can be far too short.

We miss you Ed!

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