Announcing Our 2018 Employee of the Year

In the three years we’ve known her, Janice O’Brien, of Abington, has worked 20 assignments and is a shining example of how to bridge from a temporary to permanent position. We met Janice in 2015 after she had taken some time off to tend to family issues and felt she was ready to return to the workforce. She had a varied background which we realized would help her assimilate into new roles quickly, even if she had been out of the game for a while.

At the end of August, Janice was offered (and happily accepted!) a permanent position with our client where she previously IMG-0471worked 15 out of her 20 assignments with us. After her first placement there, Janice was consistently requested back over and over again. Each time she returned, Janice was able to learn more and more about the company and showcase all of her abilities to different people within the organization. Our client saw how great she was and couldn’t wait to find a permanent opening for her. That day finally came this summer and she was able to finally secure permanent employment with a great company where she already felt like part of the family.

Janice is always ready to jump in and help out and it’s paid off in more ways than one. She is the perfect example of how temporary work can be a bridge to a permanent opportunity and we’ve been so lucky and grateful to work with her! Congratulations, Janice, and thank you for being such a fantastic employee for the last few years. We will miss you and wish you the best of luck!