Congratulations to Janie Avery, South Shore Staffing's 2020 Employee of the Year

Announcing South Shore Staffing’s 2020 Employee of the Year!

The high point of every year’s National Staffing Employee Week is the annual dinner held by the Massachusetts Staffing Association when we get to honor and celebrate our choice for South Shore Staffing’s Employee of the Year. And while, this year, there will be no celebratory dinner where we can come together and toast our pick, we are nevertheless thrilled to still be able to make our annual announcement:

This year’s South Shore Staffing Employee of the Year is Mary Jane (Janie) Avery!

Janie, from Scituate, embodies so many qualities we look for in an Employee of the Year. She is honest, caring, passionate about her work, dependable, funny, and intelligent. She is exactly the kind of employee we are proud to have representing South Shore Staffing to our clients.

Our most-tenured employee, having started with Clean Harbors way back in 2014 where she remains to this day, Janie maintains strong communication skills with both Clean Harbors and South Shore Staffing. She has consistently received rave reviews from management over the many years, and she is a wealth of knowledge and experience for everyone in her department at Clean Harbors.

As an essential business during the pandemic, Janie demonstrated her commitment to her employer by reporting into the office every single day to ensure that nothing would fall through the cracks. Her professionalism, even during these stressful times, did not waver.

The only downside to nominating Janie this year? We will not be able to raise a glass in toast to her in person! So instead, enjoy this photo of Janie raising her own glass!

Toasting Janie Avery, South Shore Staffing's 2020 Employee of the Year

Congratulations on being named South Shore Staffing’s 2020 Employee of the Year, Janie! We are so thankful for you and appreciate everything you have done. Cheers!