Why hire older workers?

Maybe it’s because of the pandemic and people are tired of being quarantined or cooped up in their homes, but recruiters are helping plenty of retired or older folks find work again. One may think a retired person would want to stay home and enjoy retirement, but many folks just don’t want to stop working and contributing.  They like to stay busy and keep their minds sharp.  The money doesn’t hurt either.


Since the onset of the pandemic, the world is experiencing what is known as “The Great Resignation”, individuals are leaving their jobs, some even after decades of service to their employers. The now two-year COVID-19 pandemic has shifted millions of people out of work. Some by choice, others are not so lucky. This caused the vast majority to reflect on their careers and lives and make changes like we’ve never seen before. With all these people departing the workforce, companies are being forced to get creative. This creativity could be with hiring an older worker.  It’s this group that will work hard and not disappoint.  They are reliable and confident.  They possess qualities that employers love, and they won’t be looking to climb the corporate ladder.  They’ve done that.


Older workers have an amazing work ethic much different than some of the generations that came after. They may not have big, fancy degrees, or any degree at all, but what they have is life experience, knowledge, wisdom, and a different mindset. This combination is an asset for any company.



“If you find yourself in need of new employees or want to start your own job search give us a call at 781-575-0500. We can help you find the people or position you need right here on the South Shore.”


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