How to find & maintain the best employees in a tight market

Even if you’re not in the staffing industry I’m sure you’re noticing many places are short staffed. Currently many businesses are lacking employees or just simply not retaining them. Why is that? We are in a very tight market right now and to find and retain employees you as an employer must take a different approach and think outside the box.


Recruiting good candidates can be quite taxing and take up a lot of your time. But there are ways to make this task much easier. One of the best ways is to have a database of possible candidates. This list is your pipeline, that can consist of people that were referred to you, or applied when you weren’t hiring, that you stored in your memory bank for future use. This is your ultimate tool; it will put you ahead and in control of the recruiting process. You can also use your staff for help, maybe they know someone who is on the job market. Social media is a wonderful thing, it’s free and it can reach tons of people. Posting on your business’s Facebook and Instagram pages, can help lead you to that perfect candidate without costing you a dime.


Even if you’re not using the internet to search for possible candidates, it is very important to have a solid online presence. As I mentioned, social media is very important, having an outstanding website and social media profiles will help you attract potential hires. I don’t know about you but when I hear about a new restaurant or business the first thing, I do is check out their website. “According to Glassdoor, 86% of job seekers visited a company’s website and read employee reviews before deciding whether to apply for a position.” Your website represents your company, make it stand out to candidates, they can read your reviews, see what you’re all about and what you believe in. You can even setup your site to allow a candidate to submit their resume and apply right then and there. This speeds up the hiring process immensely. You can also monitor and reply to Yelp and Google reviews this way.


Maybe you interviewed someone who is lacking some of the skills required for the job, but you do see potential in them. Why not hire and train them on the certain things they lack? This is a great way to mold and groom a new hire into a star team member. Hiring as a temp is also another option. Are you not sure how long you will need help with a project or is someone out on medical leave? Hiring a temp employee is a perfect option. There are many job seekers out there who love temp work and are willing to take on different roles. Who knows this may even lead to a long-term employee.


Now that you have hired the all-star candidate you were looking for, you need to make sure they stay! Good employees are what keeps business running smoothly and at full speed ahead. What things can you do to reduce turnover and boost your retention rates? As a boss you should be approachable to all your employees. They should feel comfortable to come and talk weather its positive or negative. Promote from within the company, offer training and educational opportunities. Things such as cell phone and gas milage reimbursements are the little extras that go a long way. If a candidate has more experience offer them a little more money, perhaps a hybrid schedule. Show you appreciation! Good, reliable help is hard to find in today’s day and age. Let your employees know they are doing a good job, happy with their performance and what they bring to your company. Buy lunch once a month, offer half days in the summer on Fridays. These will make it not only worthwhile for someone to work for you, but also stay for a long time.


Let’s face it hiring in general let alone in a tight market is not easy. When you begin to recruit, you do not want to linger. In this fast-moving, cutthroat hiring market you must act fast otherwise another company will snatch up your perspective candidate. Be consistent on your website and social media. Once you post a job order, review the candidates as soon as they apply. Spice up that job description, offer those benefits that your competitors aren’t. These tips will help you find and retain stellar employees in this market.


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