working from home on the couch

What’s your preference? Home office or at the office?


“Hybrid, remote, fully in person” are not words and phrases we heard daily prior to Covid, but these days, that’s certainly a different story!  Everyone has an opinion about how the workplace has changed for the better or worse, as we move forward into the new normal.


The lockdown forced workplaces to figure out, quickly, how to stay in business while the country was in a shutdown.  As most would agree, it was an eye-opener as to how many jobs could effectively be done from home.  As we approach 2024, with the pandemic in the rearview, there is a divide between what is most effective: remote, hybrid or in-office workplaces.

There are positives and negatives to each scenario, leaving us wondering,

“What is best for me?”


Both workers and employers have experienced the flexibility of remote/hybrid work, as well as the struggles it can bring. But the overwhelming feeling is that remote work isn’t going anywhere.


Remote allows many benefits:

-Flexibility for workers

-Less opportunity for discrimination and bias

-Affordability of hometown vs urban housing options

-Working more, commuting less


As well as the negatives:

-Confidentiality is harder to protect out of the workplace


-Mentality of “always on” due to home-office

-Lack of interaction which can interfere with raises, promotions, bonuses, etc.


The reality is that remote/hybrid work is increasing.  Technology is rapidly improving the remote functions, paperless offices, and personal motivation to work harder to keep the remote position continues to grow.  Companies that fail to adapt to this new culture may face the loss of current employees and new hires alike.


Now let’s wait and see how often we will hear the phrase, “Heading to the office”

man looking at computer at his office desk