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Advantages to Temporary work

man on computer workingDo you need a new job, a first job or just a change of scenery?  Temporary employment is a fantastic option in a competitive job market.  If you think that only direct hire positions are important…then keep reading.

  • Paycheck

Job searching is stressful.  Not having a paycheck is even worse.  Working in a temporary position allows the opportunity to earn a salary and avoid an unemployment claim while on the job hunt.  Short-term temp positions award the flexibility of working while continuing the job search process.

  • Resume

A resume is your first impression, and you want to be a standout. Candidates with gaps in their resume may raise a red flag with employers.  Temporary positions will fill in the gaps while demonstrating you are motivated and willing to work.

  • Network connections

Temporary work provides the opportunity to gain new connections and expand your network. You can never have too many professional connections.  These contacts may be references for future applications, offer new job opportunities, and become mentors in your career.

  • Temp-to-perm

A current theme in hiring is temp-to-perm.  Employers often prefer this route to be certain a candidate is well suited, professionally and socially, before an official job offer is presented.  This is also advantageous for the candidate to assure the job will be a good fit all around.

  • Mental health

Finding yourself unemployed is stressful and can lead to unwanted anxiety.  Taking on a temporary assignment is a great way to keep the structure and motivation needed to keep moving forward.

  • Long-term temp career

Many people prefer to be a career temporary worker. They like opportunities for meeting new people, experiencing different industries and to keep from getting bored.   The freedom to be in control of your next move is very enticing to many.

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