A very personal reason for our commitment to engineering staffing (and to recruiting more women into the field)

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Celebrating Girls in Engineering Day | Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash

We have a very personal reason for loving today’s Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day which falls during DiscoverE Engineers Week to build awareness for women in engineering: Our most-recent past president and current Recruiting Consultant, Linda McDaid, is herself a former engineer! And though she left her job at Honeywell back in 2013 to… READ MORE

Remembering Black History Month on the South Shore

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Black History Month in the South Shore

With February school vacation beginning soon, we know many of you will be trying to keep your school-age kids busy for an entire week, maybe while also juggling work and other commitments. That’s why we’ve pulled together a few different ways you can use a break from the normal routine to talk to the kids… READ MORE

When you don’t get the job: Dealing with rejection

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Dealing with job rejection | Photo by Daniel Herron

It happens to the best of us: You apply for a job and have a terrific interview; maybe you even talk about salary and benefits. But, instead of a job offer, you are told that you are not the right fit for the position. Whether you’re a professional with decades of experience or a just-out-of-college,… READ MORE

Say what? 14 things we are saying in 2020 that wouldn’t make sense in 2019

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Crumpled 2020 image from Kelly Sikkema

The other day, as we were logging into our 10,000th Zoom meeting (give or take a few), we marveled at how many things have changed in our company in such a short time. We are conducting virtual interviews, encouraging our clients to be even more parent-friendly as schools go virtual, and cleaning the office every… READ MORE

How to protect yourself against unemployment fraud

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Man looking at computer screen seriously

November 15th starts International Fraud Awareness Week, a time when we should all educate ourselves about fraud and how to protect ourselves against it. At South Shore Staffing, we have had two close calls with unemployment fraud in a short period of time.To learn more about unemployment fraud specifically, keep reading for tips on how… READ MORE

Is your social media ruining your chances for a great job? Here are 7 ways to clean it up.

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Social Media Scrabble Tiles next to Facebook on cell phone

You’ve updated your resume to make it ATS friendly, spoken to a few people about providing references, and practiced your interviewing skills. One more thing you should do as you embark on a job search? Clean up your social media. You may think your personal social media pages are all fun and games, but the… READ MORE

What’s the difference between temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire jobs?

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If you’re looking for work and perusing the South Shore Staffing jobs board, you’ve already noticed that we focus on engineering, accounting, and administrative positions. But if you aren’t familiar with us or with staffing agencies in general, you may be wondering about the types of opportunities you see. What’s the difference between a temporary,… READ MORE