A message to our employees at the close of National Staffing Employee Week

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South Shore Staffing quote about employees

As we wrap up another National Staffing Employee Week—albeit a very different one during these challenging times—we would like to again thank all of the employees and clients who have trusted us with their careers and businesses over the years. This week, we have enjoyed revisiting the Employees of the Month from this past year,… READ MORE

Announcing South Shore Staffing’s 2020 Employee of the Year!

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Congratulations to Janie Avery, South Shore Staffing's 2020 Employee of the Year

The high point of every year’s National Staffing Employee Week is the annual dinner held by the Massachusetts Staffing Association when we get to honor and celebrate our choice for South Shore Staffing’s Employee of the Year. And while, this year, there will be no celebratory dinner where we can come together and toast our… READ MORE

Remembering our Employees of the Year from 2009-2019

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South Shore Staffing's 2019 Employee of the Year: Lorraine Palm

As a staffing agency, we would be nothing without our employees: The people who come to us to help them find employment and the people who represent South Shore Staffing on-site with our clients. And so every year since 2009, in addition to naming an Employee of the Month,  we nominate one special person as… READ MORE

“They save us so much time by pre-screening potential candidates”: South Shore Staffing Client Testimonial

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Woman handing over paper from Van Tay Media

Sifting through resumes and talking to potential candidates can take up so much of your time and energy. With our resources, experience, and candidate relationships, we identify and present the best solutions for your company’s hiring needs.   Chase Corporation has turned to South Shore Staffing often over the past five years to help us… READ MORE

7 things to consider when choosing an employment agency

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How to choose the right employment agency for you

Looking for a job can be a daunting experience.  Whether you want help securing long-term employment or are hoping to find a temporary job for the next few months, combing through job listings, making phone calls, sending emails, and networking with former colleagues can be exhausting and discouraging. Which is why working with an employment… READ MORE

“We have worked with South Shore Staffing for the last 8 years. I would definitely recommend them!”: South Shore Staffing Client Testimonial

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Working together with South Shore Staffing

Serving the South Shore since 2004, our experience will help you find the right employees at any point in your hiring process.   We have worked with South Shore Staffing for the last eight years. When we first started together, we used their services to secure temporary help for our busy seasons and special events.… READ MORE

“Temp-to-hire gives us a trial period to assess new employees”: South Shore Staffing Client Testimonial

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Wish you could “try out” an employee before handing over an offer letter? South Shore Staffing’s temp-to-hire option gives you the ability to ensure your new employee is exactly the right fit for the role and for your company.    I have had the pleasure of working with South Shore Staffing for the past two… READ MORE

Is your company hiring? Check out July’s top talent from South Shore Staffing

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Red for-hire sign for South Shore Staffing's list of top candidates

Unemployment numbers may be high but don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s making hiring any easier! If you are feeling additional stress from an open position you are trying to fill, let us help you find the people you need. We are constantly recruiting for the best and freshest talent south of Boston and… READ MORE

“We found South Shore Staffing to be most responsive to our needs”: South Shore Staffing Client Testimonial

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Coffee mug with Never Settle message echoes a client's testimonial

Temporary employment allows companies to get extra help when they need it. Our careful screening of each candidate identifies the ideal person for the job at hand, and we work hard to select candidates that companies want to rehire year after year.  Check out the following recommendation from a local consulting company that illustrates how… READ MORE